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Florida Year Round Pest Control

Tips For Snowbirds To Prevent Pests

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Are you planning to head back to Florida anytime soon? The temps in the north have really dropped, so many folks are soon heading to their winter homes in the great sunshine state. Before you plan the trip south, consider the pest control services from McCall Service to ensure your Florida home is pest free before your arrival.

Pests like spiders, cockroaches and termites in Florida may all have been spending time in your home while you were away, so enlisting the help of a Florida pest control company before you arrive can help identify any pest problems that have cropped up while you were gone. If you typically deal with many different bugs in Florida, it may be wise to consider a year round pest program for your property. Florida spiders, insects and rodents will be looking to get into your home throughout the year, so a home pest control plan is a superior way to eliminate these pests from inside your home while preventing them from returning. The residential pest control services provided by McCall Service include:


  • A complete and thorough inspection of your home. We will check the interior of the home, the exterior as well as any outlying areas to determine the existing pest problems and any environments that are conducive to pests.

  • We will provide control of all common household pests that may be present using only EPA-registered materials.

  • You can expect prompt and courteous service by our experienced professionals.

  • We know that pest control is best acquired through prevention; preventative inspections and treatments will be performed periodically throughout the year to ensure your property remains pest free.


If you don’t live in your Florida home throughout the year, year round pest control is still a good option for you. When our services are performed regularly, properties are easier to maintain and keep pest free. When you only enlist services once a year (or every couple of years), pest problems can get out of hand, causing you to require more services more frequently, costing you more money and hassle than is necessary.

For effective and quality pest control, Tampa residents have trusted McCall Service with their homes and businesses since 1928. We offer pest control services as well as lawn care for your Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tallahassee or Tampa property. Contact McCall Service for more information on any of the services we provide and to set up your first appointment.


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