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Tiny Trouble In Savannah GA

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Here in Savannah, there are plenty of insects that would love to call your home their home. Working their way into your yard, through your walls, and around your appliances, these pests build on, tear down and generally wreak havoc on your home for their own purposes. Bugs can bring disease and sickness, potentially costing you thousands in home repairs. So, generally speaking, pest are--well--pests.


Mosquitoes are known to carry and spread diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, and West Nile Virus. They can be found roaming your backyard, in search of a new blood meal.


Much like mosquitoes, these little suckers carry diseases and survive on blood, but instead of flying down like terror from above, they cling to your leg and crawl up. If a tick is on your neck or in your hair, they most likely climbed all the way up from your feet to get there.

House Flies

House flies use the tiny hairs on their legs to taste your food. What's even nastier is that they regurgitate their stomach acid on your food and then use their straw-like mouthparts to suck it back up.


Not all spiders are dangerous, but they use venom to kill their prey. The ones to look out for are the black widow and the brown recluse. One bite from these could send you to the hospital.


Cockroaches are nature's sanitation engineers. Normally found in and around filth, these tiny brown bugs are good at spreading sickness and disease.


The average ant can lift 100 times its body weight. And not only are ants the strongest insect, they also live the longest. Goes to show you, hard work leads to a long life.


One colony of subterranean termites is capable of consuming up to 12.9 pounds of wood in a year. That may not seem like much, but when you take almost 13 pounds out of a support beam, it is the weight of your house that will do the damage.

Millipedes, Centipedes

Both millipedes and centipedes need moisture to live. Normally found in basements and bathrooms, these multi-legged creatures pose no threat to people (except maybe giving them a good scare--or a small bite--in the case of a centipede.)

Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs live on box elder and maple trees. But, when winter hits, they will look for a warmer place to be. This will draw them to the sun-warmed side of your house. And, since they hide under bark in the winter, it is only natural for them to start looking for a hiding place under the siding of your home.


Silverfish and firebrats have a strange diet. Most strange is their desire to eat paper. Important documents can become a gourmet dinner if you are not careful.

Bugs are everywhere. Some are a threat to your home. Some are a threat to your health. And some are just a nuisance. But one thing is certain, they don't belong in your home. If you're dealing with pests in your Savannah home, give McCall a call. Our year-round pest service can take care of the bugs that are bugging you.

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