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The End Is Near Sign

Tick Preppers

In: Tampa Pest Control

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There is a faction of our society that lives each and every day preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Some fear an earthquake that will cause California to slip off into the Pacific Ocean. Some fear the collapse of the Canary Islands will create a mega-tsunami that will devastate the entire eastern seaboard. The list goes on and on. Whether it is a fear of an invading army, nuclear terrorism, a worldwide pandemic or some other such thing, these people have decided on one thing: it is better to be prepared when the bad things come. Let's take a moment to look at the good and bad side of prepping because these crazy people might be on to something--something that could make your family a whole lot safer when it comes to things like tick borne disease.

Prepping can be crazy. There is obviously a crazy side to prepping. If you're spending your nights eating bugs, so that your family will be more able to tolerate bugs after the world has ended, you may be needlessly eating bugs. If you relocate your home to a safe geological place, you might be trading one environmental terror for another. Worrying about the end of the world coming can lead to decisions that actually make you less safe.

Prepping can be smart. One common prepping tactic is to store food. When done right, this can actually be a great move for a family. Whether the end comes or not, you're sitting on a goldmine. The price of inflation continues to make the cost of food go up, and there is a good chance that food will be worth more money, the longer you sit on it. When it is time to retire, you can live out the end of your days without ever having to pay another grocery bill. That can be quite a nest egg.

Prepping for ticks. Though it might be silly to send your children out to play on a 90 degree day with a long sleeved shirt, bug net hat, and their pants tucked into their socks, there are some practical ways you can protect your family from tick related illnesses like Lyme disease and encephalitis. Reduce the number of ticks in your yard by getting regular flea and tick treatments. The fewer tick eggs you have in your grass, the fewer ticks you'll have climbing on you, your children and your pets. It is also important to understand that ticks do not travel on their own. They ride on animals. So fencing around your yard and properly sealed trash cans can play a big role in keeping these bugs out of your yard.

If you need tick protection in Tampa (or elsewhere in our service area), call the tick control specialists at McCall Service. Protecting your family from tick-related illness isn't crazy, it is practical--when it's done right. Get practical tick protection and be prepared when ticks come.

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