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Think You Have Bed Bugs Biting?

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Have you recently woken up with bites on your skin? If you are like many people, your first reaction may be...bed bug infestation! With all the hype of bed bugs over the past few years, it is natural that waking up to bites equates to a bed bug infestation. But the reality is that there are also many other pests including carpet beetles and mosquitoes that can leave itchy welts on the skin.

No matter what the cause of your itching, first, take a deep breath to stop the panic. Even in the worst case that you have an infestation of bed bugs, there are plenty of treatment options to quickly get rid of your problem. For residents in Northern Florida, if you contact our bed bug experts at McCall Service, we can be on site quickly to inspect your home.

How do you know if I have bed bugs or not?

It will take a thorough inspection of the rooms in order to determine whether or not you have bed bugs. Perhaps the most efficient method of inspecting your home is using bed bug canine inspections. These trained bed bug sniffing dogs can use scent to detect whether or not a room has bed bugs in just a few minutes. And what’s better, they do it with a much higher accuracy rate than a human inspection alone.

What are the treatment options if I do have bed bugs?

If your inspection turns up positive for bed bugs then there is still no need to panic. McCall Service offers a variety of bed bug treatments to get rid of bed bugs safely and quickly with services including:

  • Heat treatments

  • Chemical treatments

  • Combination of both

  • Follow up treatments

  • Mattress encasements

Remember, there are still many other pests in Florida that can leave itchy bites on the skin so instead of jumping to conclusions, make sure to get a pest professional’s opinion. McCall Service offers bed bug treatments in Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Ocala and Jacksonville in addition to our Northern Florida service area, all backed by the most comprehensive guarantee in the business. To learn more, simply contact us today!

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