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Bed Bug In Florida Library

They Found Bed Bugs Where?

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While a lot of us used to think that bed bugs were just found infesting beds in hotels, sadly this is not the case. News and media outlets have also caught on and are reporting infestations in all kinds of environments including at the offices of the Wall Street Journal. Because we understand just how significant a problem these pests have turned out to be in recent years (See the NPMA’s 2011 report on the growing bed bug pandemic), we’d like to share with our readers a few unexpected places you could meet up with bed bugs in Northern Florida as well as throughout the country.

1. Movie theaters - You are not the only one looking for a seat when the newest movies are released. Your local movie theater could be housing bed bugs and without you even being aware, bed bugs could travel home with you after watching a movie. Live bed bugs and even their eggs could hitch a ride back to your home via your clothing or bags.

2. Taxis - If you think about the amount of people getting in and out of taxis on a daily basis, its not so surprising that bed bugs have been found in these vehicles. Public transportation sees a lot of frequent occupancy turnover making them the perfect place for traveling bed bugs to find new food sources (i.e. human blood).

3. Local library - Perhaps the most recent in uncommon places for a bed bug infestation is at the library. Beware when you are checking out a book, you could bring home a great read and bed bugs! Yes, these parasitic insects are finding a way into homes via library books, which makes the increased use of Kindles, Nooks and other reading devices seem like a pretty smart idea!

As you can see, the only things required for an infestation of bed bugs are humans. Our presence alone provides a means for them to hitchhike their way to just about anywhere. If you’ve noticed bed bug bites or just want to be prepared to take action with effective bed bug control, McCall can help!

We provide both homes and businesses in Northern Florida the best in bed bug control including bed bug heat treatments, chemical treatments and inspections to ensure that you are not fostering any of these blood-sucking pests. If you are concerned that your home or business in Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Gainesville or elsewhere in our Northern Florida service area could have an infestation of bed bugs, please contact us today!

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