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mouse found in the wall

The Story Of Mice And Susan

In: Home Pest Control

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Susan is your average run-of-the-mill ‘Joan Schmo’. Every day unfolds about the same way: Wake up, brush teeth, stop for some coffee on the way to work, do familiar tasks all day long with a short break for lunch, return home, make dinner for family, do housework, watch one television show and lay in bed listening to thumping in the walls. Actually, that last part is something new. And as you can imagine, it is driving Susan crazy. Fortunately, she remembers that her friend Lucy, across the street, called McCall Service when she had mice living in her walls. It went something like, a friendly guy showed up, did a thorough inspection, got rid of the rodents, and sealed her walls, and not only that, he comes back every so often and make sure her home stays mouse-free. How cool is that? So, Susan does a quick search for McCall Service on the internet, and in no time, her mouse problem is gone, and her life is back to normal. Really normal. But that's okay. That's just how Susan likes it.

Here are some reasons you should do what Susan did, and give McCall a call:

  • When mice are keeping you up at night, it can be tempting to take matters into your own hands, but do-it-yourself mouse control is rarely a good solution. Catching mice with traps or spraying dangerous chemicals will not protect a home from mice. Entry points need to be found and sealed.

  • Ineffective mouse control can leave your family at risk. Mice are known carriers of disease. If they are not properly removed and sealed out, they can taint silverware, plates, food prep surfaces and stored foods.

  • Mice are also known to bring parasites into a home. If those mice have picked up fleas, mites, lice or ticks, they can spread them to your couch, chairs, rugs, and beds.

  • Mice are foragers. Before they crawl around in your silverware drawer, they could have been crawling in your trash, a nearby dumpster, or the sewage culverts. These are not creatures you want hanging out around your home.

  • Have you heard the phrase, "Quiet as a mouse?" Susan was fortunate to have those mice banging in her walls. Often, homeowners don't hear mice in the walls. Feces in the back of drawers or cabinets, urine on pantry shelves, and chewed food packages are usually the first signs that a home is infested with rodents. This can cause a family to have flu-like symptoms without realizing those symptoms are rodent related.

If you have rodents in your walls, don't trust your health, and the health of your family, to do-it-yourself pest control. Do what Susan did. Give McCall a call and seal those rodents out.


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