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cockroach in florida home

The Skinny On Florida Cockroaches

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There are over 3,500 disgusting species of cockroach in the world. Of those 3,500, over 70 live right here in the great state of Florida. Fortunately, only a handful are going to try dwelling in your house, apartment, or trailer. But that's enough.

We have American cockroaches, german cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches, and the most disgusting of them all, the infamous palmetto bug. Just saying palmetto bug makes your stomach turn, doesn't it? Roaches don't bite. They just poison us with their filth.

Roaches eat the most disgusting things, like: toenails, body tissue, surgical swabs, feces, and each other. That is why they are connected to the spread of viruses. Over 30 species of bacteria can be found on the cuticle and in the gut of roaches, including: E Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, and Klebsiella pneumoniae. These translate to dysentery, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, cholera, and polio--to name a few.

Roaches are also linked to food contamination. They slide through sewage, rotting trash, and septic water, then carry the rot and decay into your cupboards. The worse part is, most of the time you don't know it. They slide over your plates, and then you eat off those plates, unaware of the microscopic danger that threatens you and your family.

There is good news though. You don't have to live with cockroaches. Here are the measures you need to take to keep roaches from targeting your home.

  • Keep trash sealed. Always.

  • Don't leave dishes in the sink, unless they are soaking in soapy water.

  • Clean spills off the floor and counters with disinfectant.

  • Deep clean under and around your stove and your fridge, where caked on food or spilt juice, can rot unseen.

  • Keep your cereal, grains, and flour, inside hard plastic containers.

  • Seal your exterior walls with a caulking gun.

  • Check your screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping.

  • Have your home inspected by a professional, to treat and remove the current threat, and to locate breeding sites.

  • Have your perimeter sprayed by a professional, to keep cockroaches from exploring for holes in your defenses.

Don't lay down traps, and think you're solving your roach problem. All it takes is one roach to bring rot into your home. Get armed with knowledge, and learn how to protect your home from these disease spreaders. You don't have to live with cockroache s anymore. Get protected, today.

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