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Ants Crawling Over House

The Secret Ants Don't Want You To Know

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There is a conspiracy going on in your yard. We're talking Illuminati level conspiracy here. It is a secret so dangerous, ants are willing to kill to hide it. Of course, ants are really tiny, and most can do hardly more than give you a tiny sting. But, if they were six feet tall, they'd kill you to hide this secret. Truth be told, at that size, they'd kill you for no other reason than because they can. But I digress. We were talking about the secret ants don't want you to know.

Before I tell you the secret, there is something else you need to know. I'm just kidding. If this were one of those gimmicky infomercial secrets, I would string you along, all the way to the end of this article, and hype you up on buying some kind of product. But this is the genuine deal--100% bonafide secret. With this one secret, you won't have any more ants inside your home. Here it is. Are you ready? Get rid of the nests in your yard ...

What do you mean, "That secret is rubbish?" Think about it. If you don't have nests in your yard, you won't have all those ants coming into your home. Or, at the very least, you'll only have a single scout ant to deal with--scouts for most ant species can travel up to 200m in search of food. But, you're not going to have streams of ants crawling across your counters or mobbing your trash cans. Fewer ant nests equals fewer ants next to your exterior walls. It also means fewer ants inside your exterior walls.

Some ants will build their nests inside your walls. The most notorious is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are wood chewers that carve out large galleries inside wood. And, those galleries can cause structural issues for a home. If you have big black ants, you should get those removed. That's not even a secret. That's just what you do.

So, if you have ants getting into your Tampa home, call a pest control company and have those ants' nests removed. Professionals like McCall Service (that's us) have the education and experience to know what poisoned baits will not only kill off those ant colonies but also, which baits will be safe for your pets and your children. Ant control experts know how to find nests, even when they are inside your walls.

You should know that getting rid of all the nests in your yard can be extremely hard, even for a pest control company that has ant control specialists on staff. Only a small portion of an ant colony will be actively searching for food. But, when you hire a company with a proven track record, like McCall Service (again, that's us), you'll know that the right products will be used to get rid of your specific ant invaders. Whether you're dealing with red imported fire ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, or some other crazy ant, call McCall Service to take care of those ants. That's not even a secret. That's just what you do.

Serving Tampa and Northern Florida, Savannah and West Georgia, McCall Service offers complete home pest control services that targets ants AND other common household pests that bug our region.


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