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termite infested wood

Termites Are Always Active In Gainesville

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With a population of over 100,000, Gainesville is one of the most popular cities in Florida for newcomers to lay down some roots. This region offers many opportunities for people looking for year-round entertainment and opportunities without much change from season to season. Each day of the year, the people who live here are out and about going to work, jogging, shopping, or just meeting friends for dinner. People get so caught up in their lives they often forget that it is not just the people who live here that enjoy the year-round tropical climate.

Here in Gainesville the warm weather that we are so blessed with all year comes at a price. It means that pests are also active all year. Pests such as termites do not take the winter off so homeowners should always be aware that their home could be on the menu for termites at any moment.

The problem with termites is that a good portion of the homeowners in the area have no idea that they have been harboring these pests for months. Living deep within their walls, termites might very well be feasting on the very structure of their homes. Termites have voracious appetites and their preferred menu always contains cellulose which, unfortunately for us, is found in most building materials. Insulation, wallpaper paste, drywall, and, of course, wood are all targets for termites that will eat 24 hours a day inside the walls. Most homeowners do not even realize that they are there until the damage is visible inside the living space of the home. Noticeable signs may include wallpaper that is starting to peel away from the wall, ceilings that are starting to sag or appear discolored, or even small dark tunnels appearing in the beams or cupboard doors in the kitchen. By that time, it is quite likely that serious structural damage has already been done inside the walls of the house that will cost thousands to repair.

If you find that you have termites, give us a call at McCall Service. Our team will be there to help eliminate the termites that have taken over your home and to help you assess the damage that has been done. Many home and business owners throughout the Gainesville area count on McCall Service to keep termites and other pests out of their buildings. McCall Service offers a comprehensive termite control program that allows our professionals to work with you to keep termites away before any damage can be done. As authorized Sentricon® System with Always Active™ operators, our highly-trained technicians are experts at making sure that termites look elsewhere for a meal. Our system protects clients every day of the year giving homeowners all over the area the peace they need to go about their own daily lives without the worry of termites.

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