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subterranean termites tunneling through dirt

Termites Active In Georgia

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We may be preaching to the choir, but if you haven't heard, termites are bad in Georgia. Property owners in the Peach State spend $200-$300 million each year fighting these wood-eating insects, and paying for the damage they cause. If this were not enough, A 2013 survey named Atlanta the No. 1 most termite infested city in the United States in a list of most infested cities. That is why it is essential to have a certified termite inspection before you purchase a home, and why it is absolutely imperative to have ongoing termite service year round.

Here are a few more things you need to know about termites if you live in Georgia:

  • Georgia is home to the most destructive termites found in the United Stated: the subterranean termite. This termite species infest soil near a man-made property and build mud tubes on exterior and interior walls to travel in and out of the structure without being exposed to the drying effects of the sun.

  • Most termite species require moisture from the soil to survive and maintain their nests, but Formosan subterranean termites are able to infest a structure without needing access to soil and without building mud tubes. This makes them the most destructive of all subterranean species.

  • Termites never stop. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year consuming wood and growing their colony.

  • Termites in Georgia are able to destroy the support beams in a home, warping the structure and making it virtually unfixable.

  • Every single year, termite damage in the United States exceeds that of hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, and floods combined.

Okay. Termites in Georgia are bad. What do I need to do to protect my home or business from termite damages? We're glad you asked.

  • Protecting a home from termites is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires specialized systems and a specialized education to install these systems.

  • Make sure you choose a company with a damage repair warranty. At McCall Service, we insure qualified homes for $1,000,000. That means you don't have to wonder if your home is safe.

  • Choose a company that uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. It is the most advanced and least invasive termite treatment and monitoring system available. The fact that it is 100% Eco-friendly is just a side benefit.

Don't let termites silently eat away at your Georgia home. The purchase of a home is the largest investment some people make in their entire lives. Having it destroyed by termites is devastating. Get state-of-the-art termite protection from McCall Service, starting as low as $47.99 /month, and know for sure that your investment is safe.

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