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florida termite infestation

Why You Don't Want A Termite Infestation And How To Prevent Them

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There are several pests out there that you absolutely don’t want invading your Florida home and if termites aren’t already on your list they should be added! Termites are a wood destroying insect that if left untreated overtime has the potential to cause thousands of dollars in structural damages to your home. Luckily, if caught in time and treated for by professionals, termites can be quickly, safely and effectively removed from your home and property and therefore minimizing any damages.

At McCall Service we want you to be educated on what the signs of termites are so that in the case of an infestation you will recognize the indicators and will be able to call for help right away! Signs of termites living in your home or on your property may include:

Mud tubes- Mud tubes are tunnels that they create just under the surface of the ground that are about the width of a pencil. Termites travel in the mud tubes from their nesting area to a food source.

Termite swarms- Reproductive members of the termite colony will swarm a few times a year, usually in the spring and summer. The winged reproductives will fly from the nest in order to find a mate and create a new nest. After the swarm they will lose their wings which you may see in piles underneath doors, windows and on the ground.

  • Structural weakness- If termites have been in your home for a long period of time you will notice that your doors, ceiling, and floors will start to warp.

  • Damage to drywall- Drywall will start to bubble and crack if termites are present behind it.

  • Small holes in wood- These small holes are where termites have entered into your structural wood.

  • Dead termites- Depending on the size of the colony you may notice dead termites on the floors of your home.

If your home does happen to become home to a termite infestation, don’t despair! There are some very effective termite treatment options available to get rid of termites. One of the best options for termite elimination is the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This baiting system is a very eco-friendly way to control Florida termites. The system requires no drilling or trenching and is very non-invasive. Bait stations containing just a few grams of Recruit® termite bait are placed around your property. The bait attracts the termites who will ingest it and take it back the nesting areas, ensuring that the entire colony is eliminated. The system will continue to be monitored and protect your home from termites even after your original problem is taken care of. So not only will your property be free of termites but it can also be protected from re-infestation with this superior form of termite control.

If you live in Florida and are wondering how to get rid of termites from your property, wonder no more. Contact the professionals at McCall Service, we have the experience, technology and know-how to eliminate termites and make sure that they stay away for good!



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