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Termite Awareness Week Encourages Pest Prevention

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Termites have been known to cause around 5 billion dollars worth of damage to homes every year in the United States. They feed on wood 24 hours a day. They will create tunnels in wood sources to make colonies, reproduce and send out swarmers in the spring to make new colonies. Colonies can hold up to 2 million members and if they go undetected, they can bring down an entire structure. This is why termite awareness is essential in preventing damage to your home. March 15th to the 21st is termite awareness week. This is a great time for you to learn about termites and how to defend your home from them.

Spring time is prime time for termite infestations. This is when swarmer termites are leaving the colony to create a new colony. This is the biggest time for them to find their way to your home and start chomping away at your home's structure. This is why the first week of spring is dedicated to being Termite Awareness Week. This is also the time when home buyers are on the search for new homes. Having the knowledge of what a termite infestation might look like could save you from buying a termite infested home. The National Pest Management Association also urges you to push for a home inspection before signing any paper.

Preventing termites from entering your home is important to keeping your home and family safe for years to come. Here are a few tips to keep the termites away.

  • Keep moisture from building up in your home. This is especially important around the foundation of your home. Termites feed on wood and it is even easier for them to feed on moist wood. If you have moisture building up, it will be a drawing card.

  • Remove fallen logs and decaying wood from your property. These wood sources will be a great place for a termite colony to start and eventually spread into your home.

  • Store wood piles about 20 feet from your home. If you have a wood pile right at your front door, it is very enticing for termites to build a colony there and eventually spread into your home.

  • Sign up for year round pest control services. The best defense against pests is prevention. Professionals will assess any current pest problems and set up a year round system to help you keep pests away.

Termite Awareness Week is here to help you defend your home against termites. Knowledge is power and any power against home invaders is a wise choice.

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