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Tampa Pest Control Pros Offer Holiday Pest Tips

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What's the deal with pests and holidays? It seems like every Thanksgiving and every Christmas bugs and wildlife are getting into everything. Thankfully, the pest pros at Mccall Service have a few tips that will help keep those holiday pests away. Here are some activities you'll be doing this holiday season, and some things you can do to protect yourself while doing them.


There is a lot of travel going on around the holidays. Family and friends may be traveling to your home, or you may be traveling to theirs. Either way, hotel and motel stays rise through the holidays--and that can mean trouble for you. Bed bug infestation happens when these bugs hitchhike into your home. They can come in on your guests, or you can pick them up in your travels. Knowledge is the greatest weapon against bed bugs. If you or your guests must stay in accommodations, take these precautions to keep bed bugs out.

  • Check the to see if the place you're staying has been reported for bed bug activity.

  • Use a flashlight to check your bed for seed-like brown bugs, brown blood stains on sheets, and black sticky residue on the creases and corners of mattresses and box springs.


Will you be baking something for the holidays? Nothing ruins holiday cooking like bugs. Beetles, weevils, moths and roaches can make baking a nightmare. Here are a few tips to keep your pantry items safe.

  • Always check packaged items before you purchase them. Those items go through quite a bit before they get to the grocery store, and they can harbor bugs. Look for tears, holes, chew marks and opened packaging to prevent hitchhikers from coming home with you.

  • Keep your pantry well ventilated and dry.

  • Store cardboard boxes and bagged items in hard plastic containers. Even something as thick as a dog food bag can be chewed into by bugs and rodents.

  • Replace out of date items. Rotting food is a dinner bell for pests passing through your walls.


In Florida, cookouts are frequent during the holidays. But all that food draws in bugs and wildlife. If critters come into your yard for the food, they'll be close enough to get curious about your foundation and exterior walls. Here are a few exclusion methods to help keep you safe after those cookouts.

  • Put the food away when you're done cooking.

  • Clean up. A dirty paper plate and a sticky juice cup are attractive to pests.

  • Put all garbage in sealed containers. Trash cans are a food source and breeding site for many insects and wildlife. If you have trouble with animals knocking your cans over and getting into them, use a bungee cord to secure them.

The holidays can be stressful. Try using some of these tips to reduce stress by keeping those pests away.

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