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Tallahassee Exterminators Debunk 5 Pest Control Myths

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Pest control is one line of business where there are a lot myths associated with it. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Nobody wants creepy crawly things in their home, so over time “stories” have been created to make people feel better about pest invasions. The truth though is that these myths are false and will only end up costing people more time, money, and stress when dealing with pest issues. At McCall Service, we want to go over some of the more popular pest control myths and why they are not true.

5 Common Pest Control Myths

  1. Bed bugs only infest dirty places or homes: This is simply not true. A bed bug's only requirement to become a resident is that there is a food source to feed off of, not how clean their surroundings are. Bed bugs can be found anywhere there is a lot of human traffic and can infest just easily a 5- star hotel or a Motel 6. Once they are brought back to a home, they will live just as comfortably in an immaculate home as a cluttered one. Although, keeping clutter to a minimum may aid in detecting their presence earlier.

  2. DIY pest control works just as well as professional pest control: The pest control treatments that you can pick up from the big box store or that grandma has told you about (pouring boiling water on ants) may work to eliminate the few insects or other pests that you see, but will not take care of the route of the problem. In order to truly get rid of a pest problem, you need to eliminate all of the nesting areas, get rid of the things that are attracting them to your home, and find and fix the areas that are allowing pests inside of your home. Professional pest control will provide you with all those things, along with safe, effective treatment solutions.

  3. Bees will only sting me once: This one is sort of true. Honey bees will only sting a person or animal once. However, other species of bees and wasps will defend their nests by stinging victims repeatedly. For this reason, any stinging insect nest should be left alone and only be removed by professionals.

  4. All spiders spin webs: You may think that because you aren’t finding any spider webs in the corners of your home, that it is spider free. Unfortunately, this is again not true. Some spider species do not spin webs they actually will chase their prey or will jump or pounce on it.

  5. Having a dog or cat will keep rodents and other pests from invading your home: This might be true for the occasional mouse or two, but in general, house pets are not great pest control tools. Pest invasions in large numbers of mice or insects are no match for Fido!

If you find that pests have decided to invade your home, the best thing you can do to eliminate them is to contact professionals. At McCall Service, we offer residential pest control services that have been developed to safely control and eliminate common Tallahassee pests from your home and property.

Contact us today to find out how our Florida pest control professionals can help you achieve and maintain a pest free home or to schedule an inspection!

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