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Tallahassee Commercial Pest Control Is McCall’s Business

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Pest management is essential for the health of a successful business. From farm to table, a pest infestation can mean loss of product, failed audits and a damaged reputation. Even if your business doesn't deal with the growing or preparation of food, a bug and wildlife infestation can adversely affect how people perceive your business. You're not likely to get that deal from Japan if a cockroach ran across the conference room table.

Effective pest control begins with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM focuses on controlling and eliminating food, water and shelter resources that draw pests in. By managing the ecosystem in and around a business, pests can be reduced and controlled naturally, without harm to the environment.

IPM Methods

  • Biological control: The use of natural enemies to control pests.

  • Cultural control: Creating or changing the environment to deter pests.

  • Physical control: Sealing all entry points to remove pest access into property.

  • Mechanical control: The use of mechanical devices such as mouse traps, bait stations, and insect light traps to contain pests and evaluate pest pressures.

  • Chemical control: Pesticides are used only when necessary and done in a way that does not harm the environment or humans.

  • Team control: Pest management is a partnership. Your McCall specialists can't be at your business 24/7, so it is important that your staff understand what warning signs to look for and what methods of sanitation deter pests.

To maintain a successful business, you must first create and maintain a pest-free environment. McCall Service offers the most advanced Pest Management technologies available in the industry. Let us help you do what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Our services include an initial inspection, a customized pest control program, implementation of IPM practices and tactics, routine monitoring, and interior and exterior treatments as necessary. We train your staff for front line early detection and provide regular quality auditing and 3rd-party auditing support. We leave a logbook on site that contains up-to-date documentation, including insurance certificates, licensing, safety data information, and more. And, you or your employees can use our online customer portal for any and all pest questions.

McCall Service is a registered Copesan service center and recognized as a Quality-Pro company by the National Pest Management Association. Our team of experts has the technology and qualifications to handle pest protection.

Don’t let pests ruin your business. Call us today and set up your initial inspection.


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