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bed bug biting a person in tampa florida

Summer Travel Means More Encounters With Bed Bugs

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July is almost over so there’s not time like the present to get away for a break from reality before the summer is over. But keep in mind that more people, more travel, and more movement during the summer months often leads to more encounters with bed bugs in Florida and vacation destinations across the country. If you and your family are packing up and heading out for some fun, it is important to be aware of bed bugs including where you are likely to find them and what you can do to prevent bed bug bites on you and your family members.  

Hotels, apartments, condominiums, and homes are seeing an increase in bed bug activity due to the increase in the number of people traveling during the summer months.

As bed bugs continue to spread across the country they become more embedded into communities. Not only are bed bugs in hotels a common problem, these persistent pests are also showing up in apartments, condos and homes as well as other commercial establishments. The experts in bed bug treatments for Tampa and Northern Florida, would like to share some tips on how you can avoid bed bugs on your summer break.

  • Pack clothing into bags that seal shut. Keep your clothes sealed throughout your trip to protect them from any sneaky bed bugs.

  • Pack a flashlight so that you can thoroughly inspect your hotel room or beach condo before you unload all of your luggage and belongings.

  • If you find any signs of bed bugs in your room, ask for a new room far away from the infested one. Keep in mind that even if one room has bed bugs that does not mean that other rooms are infested.

  • When you arrive home, unpack your suitcases outside and wash all your clothing right away so to kill off any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home with you.

  • Inspect and vacuum out your luggage before storing it away for the next trip.

So while the summer proves to cause more bed bug problems, it does not mean you should postpone your summer travel plans. As long as you are cautious and thorough in your bed bug inspections, you should be good to go! For any questions or concerns regarding bed bugs and bed bug control in Jacksonville, Tampa or elsewhere in our Northern Florida service area, please contact McCall Service today.

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