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Spring Pest Control Tips For Savannah Homeowners

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It is finally that time of year that many anticipate! The temperatures are warming up, the days are getting longer and the birds are chirping. While spring is looked forward to by many, there is one thing about spring that is not so pleasant and that is pests! Spring seems to be the season that most pests make up for lost time! This is when the mosquitoes start flying, ants start crawling, and the fleas start biting. Don’t lose hope!There are some ways you can prepare your home to help keep it pest free this season. Following pest prevention tips could save you a lot of headache, energy and money.

The pros at McCall suggest doing a little spring cleaning this year. Clean out areas such as closets, basements and attics. Clutter can give insects and rodents places to hide. Cluttered areas are cozy spots for pests, such as spiders, to set up their spring and summer home. Making sure your attic, basement and closets are cleaned out minimizes the hiding places available to these pests. You should also give your kitchen a deep clean. Making sure crumbs are swept up and any spills around appliances, in corners or under cupboards are eliminated will help prevent pests like: cockroaches, ants, mice and rats. Another thing you can do inside your home is repair any leaky pipes. Damp areas are a favorite for many insects and can be a perfect breeding ground for them.

For the outside of your home you should be sure that your trash and recyclables are not too close to your home. Not only can trash bring rodents and insects into your yard but it can also bring them closer to your home, tempting them to come in. You can also trim back trees and bushes. Like clutter, overgrown branches and trees can give critters and bugs a place to hide. Since these areas are shaded and often damp, it can also give them a place to reproduce, and the last thing you want to have to worry about when it comes to bugs is more bugs. Raking up leaves, getting rid of old mulch and picking up fallen trees and limbs can also help keep pests away. You should also inspect the outside of your home. Make sure any cracks and crevices are filled in. Rodents and insects can get in through some of the smallest holes, so doing this can make it more difficult for them to find a way in. Make sure your chimney cap fits properly and check for gaps in windows, doors and screens as well.

At McCall we encourage you to not let pests take the spring out of your step this season! If you need help preparing your home for spring or think you may have a pest problem already, don’t hesitate to contact our Savannah pest control professionals.

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