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Spring Cleaning The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Will Help Prevent Pest Problems In Your Florida Home

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Spring is right around the corner and with daylight savings time and an influx of tourists on their April vacations, it’s time for us Floridians to implement the annual task of spring-cleaning. Not only does this help eliminate some clutter that may have accumulated, but it’s also time to get things organized and acquire just a little more space in our full closets and cupboards. But beyond the obvious advantages to a spring clean, there comes another lesser known advantage: spring cleaning is a great preventative measure to keep pests out of your home. The professionals at McCall Service know how useful spring cleaning can be to keep insects and rodents out and would like to offer a few spring cleaning tips to deter ants, roaches and other pests during the spring and summer seasons. 

Spring Cleaning Tips from McCall Service: 

  1. Clean up the kitchen! You may do cleaning on a daily basis, but it’s time for a deep clean! Move the kitchen appliances to get anything that has fallen under or behind them and SCRUB them clean! You may be surprised at the amount of grease build up that has accumulated on the side of your oven! Cleaning up spills and crumbs around these areas can help keep pests like rats and mice at bay.

  2. Clean up your property. If you have containers outside that are filling up with water after every rain storm, you could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Get out the rake and clean up dead leaves, dead plants and even lawn clippings. A clean lawn and property offers very few places for insects and rodents to hide!

  3. Organize your house! Remove clutter! Both of these things will leave you feeling a lot better about life in general and can have a very positive effect on your home. Not to mention when you’ve removed cluttered areas, you offer fewer areas for pests to take refuge inside your home.

  4. Examine the exterior of your home for any openings or areas where pests may be getting inside. Block these areas up with caulking and then do a full check of all the door and window screens to make sure they are fully intact. If there are holes or gaps, pests may be finding their way indoors. 

By following all of these spring-cleaning tips, you can help reduce the number of pests that find their way into your house this spring and summer. Pest prevention is not 100% fool proof, but it’s a good start to staying pest free in 2013. If you live in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Tallahassee or Tampa, you can trust the professionals at McCall Service to help with any rodents or insects that may find their way indoors, despite your best prevention efforts. Contact our FL pest control experts for more information on our home pest control services or to find out more about what you can do to prevent pests in your Florida home.

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