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brown recluse spider illustration

Spider Recognition In Tampa

In: Tampa Pest Control

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How is your shape recognition? Can you tell the difference between a circle and a square if someone were to hold up a picture with either of these two shapes on it? Of course you could. In fact, your brain is able to pick up a lot more complex shapes than these. If you've ever put a few puzzle pieces into their place, you are aware of just how amazing our ability to detect and match shapes is. We build languages from shapes. We do math with shapes. Shapes are everywhere. Okay. So what does this have to do with spiders in Tampa? It is simple. When it comes to figuring out if you have a poisonous spider in your home, shape recognition can help.

Most of us know that the two most poisonous spiders have the words "recluse" or "widow" in their name, but do you know how to properly tell if you have them in or around your house? You probably would have no issues identifying a black widow, but how about a brown widow? Do you even know that there is such a thing as a brown widow?

If you were to go into your storage closet, open up an empty cooler and find a brown spider sitting in the bottom corner, nursing on a thimble of water, would you know whether or not to freak out and run? There are a ton of visual identifiers that help entomologist figure out what species of spider they are looking at, but most of us don't have that extensive knowledge. Fortunately, we're born with an ability that can help us figure this out. Yup. You guessed it. Shape recognition.

If the brown spider you are looking at has a violin shape on the top of its back, just under its head, you're looking at a brown recluse. If the brown spider has a giant abdomen with dots all over it, its special mark is going to be found underneath because you are looking a brown recluse. The brown widow has the same bright red hourglass-shaped mark those black widows have, only its skin is brown, instead of black.

"Why is it important to identify my spider?"

If what you've found is a funnel web grass spider, which is also brown and has two parallel lines on its back, you don't have a lot to worry about. Though these spiders can bite you, they will only leave a little mosquito sizes red welt, like many other house spiders. But, if the spider you found is a recluse or a widow, you should definitely have a professional inspect your home and offer treatment options to keep those spiders out. They could be a serious risk to your family.

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