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Spider Prevention Tips Just In Time For Halloween

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Halloween is a time of pumpkins and spider webs. You would be hard pressed to find a haunted house without a cobweb somewhere. That is because spiders love those old rotting houses. So, why are they hanging out around your house? Your house isn't rotting? Here are some tips to keep those spiders away, and how to keep them from creeping and crawling into your home this Halloween. (cue evil laughter)

Get spiders out of your yard

  1. Turn the lights off. Replace your exterior bulbs with yellow insect-resistant lighting, or simply keep them off at night. Flying insects are drawn to bugs, and spiders think flying bugs are delectable! That is why you will see spider webs up near your lights, or on your window panes. When bugs see the light coming from inside your home, they fly toward it, and get stuck in those webs. Keep the lights off and the shades drawn, to keep flying insects away. This will keep those spiders away as well.

  2. Seal your trash. Trash is a food source and breeding site for a number of insects. If you don't want spiders, don't give them tasty flies to eat. Seal that trash so the bugs can't get in.

  3. Clean your exterior walls. A pressure washer is a great tool to have. Not only does it keep your exterior walls looking spiffy, it can also get rid of insect nests in eaves and soffits.

  4. Get rid of the playground. No, not your kids playground, all of those fun things the spiders like to play on, and lay their eggs in. If you have construction materials, move them away from your exterior walls. Keep your lawn mowed, and keep the clutter to a bare minimum. Trim overgrown trees and shrubs, and keep your garden weeded and orderly.

Keep the spiders out of the house

  1. Inspect all of your window and door screens, to make sure the spiders can't squeeze in any rips or holes.

  2. Check around your windows for any gaps, and seal them with tape or caulk.

  3. Examine your weather strips and door sweeps, to insure they are doing their job.

  4. Use a caulking gun to seal around windows, fixtures, pipes, outlets, and other potential entry points.

  5. Cover vents, and your chimney, with window-grade screening.

  6. Have your exterior walls sprayed by a professional. Professionals can also help you find exclusion methods that are specific to the way your home is set up. Don't be afraid. Give them a call.

If you take these steps, it will be spooky how few spiders you'll have hanging around. In the spirit of Halloween, get spooky, and get rid of those things that draw spiders to your house. You're not living in a haunted house--at least, I hope not--so why have the cobwebs? Get rid of the spider magnets today, and have a happy Halloween.

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