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Sod Webworms Are Damaging To FL Lawns In August

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When it comes to your lawn, keeping it looking healthy is the number one priority for many Northern Florida homeowners. But it can be a hard task to manage if your lawn is being taken over by sod webworms. This type of caterpillar is one of the most commonly known for attacking turf grass in Florida and around the country. Thankfully, despite their negative impact on many lawns, with the help of the FL lawn care professionals at McCall Service, you can get your lawn back to a healthy state.

Sod webworms are small, only about ¾ of an inch long with they are mature. Most are greenish with numerous black spots although you are not likely to see them out and about as they are nocturnal. During the day these larvae are generally found in a borrow created in the center of the damaged area of grass. The signs of sod webworm damage are close to that of grass affected by heat and drought include:

  • yellow to brown colored grass

  • irregular patches of bare grass

Keep in mind that you may not be able to spot the larvae during the day but this does not mean that your lawn is not infested. Sod webworms are not picky and will attack pretty much all types of turf although they prefer Bermuda grass. And this time of year, August in particular, is the worst for damages from sod webworms because the temperatures are hot and the grass is not growing vigorously.

If you have noticed that your lawn is looking a little rough and you are keeping up with its maintenance in regards to mowing and watering, then you very well may have an infestation of sod webworms. So, what’s a worried homeowner to do? Instead of going out and trying to purchase store bought chemicals which many caterpillar species are resistant to, it is best to contact us at McCall Service for an evaluation to identify the species attacking your lawn as well as the best course of action to restore your lawn’s beauty.

At McCall Service, we provide lawn care services including the removal of lawn pests to Northern Florida including Tampa, Ocala, Jacksonville, and Gainesville. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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