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cockroach in the plate of a florida resident

Snow Birds: Don't Walk Into A Pest Disaster!

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While you're away, the bugs will play. If you call a Florida home during the winter, and have not yet come back to a house full of bugs, you're one of the lucky ones. Pests love an empty home as much as they love a dirty home, and without you there, there will be no one to notice the ants squeezing through the wall and into the pantry. The spiders will encroach, unimpeded. The cockroaches will climb around on the walls with no one to keep them from getting into the stored food. And, a termite swarm could leave a gossamer sheet of wings on the back deck, and there would be no one around to recognize this sign of termite infestation.

Now, you might be tempted to listen to friends and wrap your toilet in plastic wrap, or lay boxes of kitty litter around your home, to suck up the moisture bugs are attracted to. Or put all your food in hard plastic bins, and leave rat and roach traps in strategic areas. You may even go through the house and clean every floor, counter, and rug, so that no crumb, dried ketchup, or juice stain is left to draw insects in. These ideas will give you partial success. You'll deter some bugs, and kill some critters away while you're gone, but you'll be coming back to a mess--or worse, an infestation.

Roaches left unimpeded will multiply in your absence. They don't need your food to survive. They're just looking for a hot, moist cave to dwell in. The grease and food particles between your oven and your wall are just icing on the cake.

And, let's say you catch some roaches or mice in some traps while you were gone. What will that produce for results? You'll come home to the smell of death, and there will still be roaches and mice living in your walls, contaminating your silverware, plates, and unprotected food stores.

Smart snow birds pay the extra few bucks to keep their year round pest service going. While they're away, they know trained professionals will visit their home and inspect the exterior and lawn for pest activity, treat the area, and keep them informed of possible threats. They know that leaving their home clean and dry is important, but it isn't enough to prevent bugs and rodents from invading.

Learn more about a year round pest plan. Not only will it keep you from returning to a house full of pests, it will save you money in the long run. It costs a lot more to get bugs out of a house than it does to prevent them from getting in. Call McCall today for more information on year round pest control services!

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