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spider in a web in gainesville florida

Seeing Spiders Inside? Here's Why...

In: Home Pest Control

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Do you have spider problems? If there are hundreds of spiders living in your home, there is a good chance it is because they laid their egg next to, or inside, your exterior walls. Some spiders can have thousands of babies all at once. If those babies find food, they will survive. So, the way to not have spiders in your house comes in two steps.

Step 1

Don't invite spiders into your yard, and especially near your exterior walls. If they get in close, they might get curious and come inside, or they might lay their eggs, and you'll have thousands of little spiders curious about coming inside.

Spiders eat flying insects. If you have things that draw flying insects to your doorstep, you'll have spiders too. Here are a few.

  • Open trash creates flies. Spiders think flies are scrumptious.

  • Left out fruit creates fruit flies. Spiders think fruit flies are tasty.

  • Exterior lights invite all kinds of flying insects. Spiders, well, you know.

  • Flower beds are home to many types of yummy insects.

If you don't want spiders, consider removing some of these insect magnets, or have your perimeter and exterior walls sprayed. This will leave an unsavory taste in any bugs mouth, and keep them from coming around.

Step 2

If the spiders are already in your home, similar rules apply. Spiders like bugs. Reduce your bugs, and you reduce a spiders interest in staying inside your house. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

  • Keep your trash covered.

  • Keep fruit in the fridge.

  • If you leave unclean dishes standing, soak them in soapy water.

  • Clean up thoroughly, especially juice spills.

  • Deep clean under and around the fridge and the oven. Food gets in there and rots. Bugs love rotting food.

  • Clean your floors and vacuum regularly, to keep crumbs and food matter off. It doesn't take much food to feed a bug.

If you've done all this, and you still get an occasional spider web or two, brush them away with a broom. This will further demoralize the spiders.

Should I be worried about all these spiders?

Most spiders, especially house spiders, are not dangerous. The brown recluse and the black widow do occasionally come around, but they are much rarer than the American house spider, the wood spider, and the rock spider. These are the spiders that crawl on you while you're sleeping, and leave those little red welts. They are a pest, but you won't need to be hospitalized.

How do I get rid of them?

The above cleaning methods work very well, but if you're still getting spiders, it could be that some egg sacks hatched inside your home. Locating and removing spider nests and breeding sites requires a knowledgeable professional. They can eradicate the spiders in your home, and show you how to prevent further infestations.

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