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Bed Bug Biting

Savannah Pest Control Pros On Bed Bugs

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There is something disturbing about being bitten by bugs while you sleep. It is even worse when those bugs crawl all over you while they do it. What's worse, bed bugs are also associated with filth and decay. So, if you get bed bugs, everyone in the neighborhood thinks you live in a dumpster. This is only one of many misconceptions that need to be cleared up about bed bugs. In anticipation of Bed Bug Awareness Week, June 7-13, your Savannah bed bug specialists have put together these info bites you can share through social media. Remember to put the hashtag #BBAW at the end.

  • Bed bugs prefer filth, but they can live in the cleanest environments, as long as they can get a blood meal.

  • Bed bugs aren't just found in motels. These bugs can be in 5-star resorts. They are an equal opportunity infestor.

  • Do you have bed bugs? Check the seams, corners and stitching on your mattresses and upholstered furniture for black fecal matter.

  • Bed bug babies can be as small as the tip of a pencil. Look closely for these rust colored bugs when you travel.

  • Bed bugs dribble after they eat. I know, gross! Look for dried blood on sheets and pillowcases.

  • Do you have bed bug bites? Look for mosquito-type welts that appear in a row or cluster. These bugs feed multiple times throughout the night.

  • Here is a list of places you can find bed bugs: motels, hotels, cabins, cruise ships, airplanes, trains, buses, taxi cabs and even movie theaters.

  • Bed bugs do not travel on their own. They hitch a ride in luggage, bags, pocketbooks, clothing, bedding, boxes and even electronics.

  • Bed bugs can come into your house inside used furniture. Be sure to inspect closely for rust colored bugs or black fecal residue in stitching and seams.

  • Bed bug infestations in homes usually happen after a family has taken a vacation or trip.

  • Bed bug bites don't always swell at first. Baby bed bugs can feed for weeks without detection.

  • Bed bugs need blood to survive. If you have an infestation, someone in your home has been bitten several times.

Public awareness is the most powerful weapon against the spread of bed bugs. A quick check while staying the night somewhere can keep these bugs from coming home with you--or coming to your home on someone else. Share these info bites with your friends and family during Bed Bug Awareness Week. We will all be a lot happier without these bugs in our lives.

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