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Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Savannah Mosquito And Pest Control In One Bundle

In: Savannah GA

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There is one thing that Savannah, Georgia residents will agree on and that is the fact that mosquitoes are frustrating pests. However, they may not all be in agreement as to how dangerous mosquitoes can be. A heavy infestation of mosquitoes can be bad news to homeowners throughout the greater Savannah area.

That tenacious buzzing in your face and the itching bite of the mosquito are frustrating enough to interrupt an outdoor BBQ, sending your guests inside. But as frustrating as that is, the real danger of mosquitoes involves the many diseases of which they transport.

The mosquito is considered by many to be among the most dangerous creatures in existence. This well deserved reputation is due to the millions of people worldwide contracting malaria and other mosquito borne diseases every year.

While malaria claims the lives of 2 to 3 million people each year throughout the world, it is just one of the many diseases transmitted by affected mosquitoes. Other diseases in addition to malaria include yellow fever, West Nile virus, meningitis and the various forms of encephalitis.

Mosquito control is absolutely essential when evaluating the risk and threat of transmitted disease exposures. The mosquito goes through four stages of growth to reach adulthood. The first three stages, the egg, larvae and pupa, requires standing water for them to develop into an adult. One of the most effective methods of controlling the mosquito population is eliminating all standing water on your property.

A few of the areas to check for possible standing water include guttering, old tires, buckets and any other item that holds water. Make sure wheelbarrows and wading pools are turned upside down when not in use. You will also want to empty birdbaths at least once a week to destroy any eggs or larvae.

While these suggestions will help reduce your mosquito infestation, Savannah residents should call McCall Service and inquire of their home pest control plans. McCall’s pest control plans will treat specific areas with the safety of your family and pets always a priority. Keep in mind that the initial treatment includes a thorough service of the interior and exterior of the home with additional exterior services each quarter. McCall also provides free services in between scheduled visits in the event of any unexpected problems.

McCall customers can now get total peace of mind with our value bundle. You can choose any 2 services and save 10% or choose any three services and take advantage of 15% in savings. McCall’s home pest control with the mosquito plan bundled together in one package is your best protection against mosquitoes and other pests.

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