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mouse found in the backyard of a florida home

Rodents Running Amok In Gainesville

In: Gainesville Pest Control

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What's in a word? In some cases, a lot. Whether you are a word purist or not, we can find some interesting insight into mice and rats from the word Amok. The phrase "to run amok" in English dates back to the 1670s when it was borrowed from the Malaysian word amuk, which mean "attacking furiously." The word in English has come to mean, "to run about in a wild manner," but as a noun it can also mean, "a murderous frenzy." But where we find the most interesting insight of all, is when we look at the medical definition of the word.

Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary defines amok as, "an episode of sudden mass assault against people or objects usually by a single individual following a period of brooding," that is, "viewed as a psychopathological behavior occurring worldwide in numerous countries and cultures." Hmmm. A psychopathological condition that causes an individual to go nuts and start hurting people and property after a time of frustrated reflection? Oh, yeah. That's rodents for sure.

Can you see it? That mouse, rat or squirrel eyeing your house? Watching you? You have everything. You can get tasty morsels of food anytime you want. You can grab a drink of water anytime you want. Just look at you. You're so happy in there with your warmth and your yummy treats. Then, a single snowflake falls from the sky and lands gently on its nose. That's when they snap. "I can't take it! I've had all I can stand! I'm goin' in!!!

That's why every winter they chew their way in through exposed and water damaged wood, crawl up through your wall voids and nest in your attic spaces. They're running amok! They are suffering from a psychopathological break. What else would cause this mass assault against people and objects? What do you mean this is normal behavior for them? There is nothing normal about chewing through someone's sheet rock, gnawing your way into their food packages, and spreading illness and parasites all over the place.

Okay. You win. It isn't a psychopathological condition. But it sure feels like it. Doesn't it?

As it turns out, mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents are just doing what they're wired to do. They have nothing against you or your family. In fact, they probably have no idea that the big, warm box, with all the food, belongs to you. They're foragers.

If you suspect a rodent has accidentally chewed their way into your St. Louis home, "by mistake," it’s time for a rodent control expert. The experts at McCall know how to deal with wildlife, even if they haven't necessarily gone amok. No matter what the reason, rodents shouldn't be allowed to damage your home, leave waste in your drawers, spread illness and parasites through your house and take up residence in your walls or attic spaces.Give us a call and give those rodents the boot.

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