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raccoon looking for shelter

Raccoons: Florida Home Invaders

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Wildlife is a fact of life—a necessary part of nature. The instincts and needs of wildlife create a balancing act that will normally keep the population of various species in perspective. However, a shortage of natural food or water will often cause wildlife to move in closer to humanity and even invade our space. The most common species of wildlife that become household pests include squirrels, chipmunks, rats, birds, rodents, and raccoons.

Regardless of how cute they appear, one should never attempt to force wildlife to live a domestic life. That cute little baby will quickly grow into an adult wild animal. A baby raccoon can be one of the most irresistible animals to encounter. However, they will grow up and can also become very destructive and dangerous. Raccoons have been known to find their way into garages and even the attics of one’s home. They love to build their nest and raise their young in the insulation of the attic.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and can be heard scurrying around during the night. A litter of baby raccoons can make a lot of noise romping and playing. They also have a unique chattering sound as they play and wrestle with each other. However, the noise from raccoons is not the only irritation or problem with these uninvited guests. They can also be quite destructive. They will displace insulation in the attics and walls causing loss of heat. Raccoons will also chew through walls and even the electrical wiring in the attic or walls. This, of course, becomes a fire hazard and gives you the added expense of an electrician. Another concern is the odor from a family of raccoons. Can you imagine an outhouse in the attic of your home? These tenants are not potty trained! They will not bother to go outside every time nature calls for them to relieve themselves.

One of the other forms of wildlife that quickly becomes a destructive pest is the squirrel. They can be entertaining as they scurry around outside chasing each other up and down trees. Squirrels are comical to watch while they pack their jaws full of nuts to store for the winter. Unfortunately, your attic or even the walls of your home may be the place chosen for storage of food. You do not want a family of squirrels living inside your house! They will chew through walls, displace insulation, and gnaw through the electrical wiring of your home or garage causing considerable damage. Those rascals must go!

Removing wildlife is not as easy as it may appear. In fact, it can be a dangerous chore homeowners should not attempt to accomplish. McCall Service has provided wildlife management for clients throughout our service region for many years. McCall professionals don’t just remove wildlife—they provide an exclusion service to prevent the return of wild animals. You will be happy to know that when you contact McCall, you will receive quality assistance in wildlife removal, control, and exclusion.

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