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Stored Product Pests May Show Up In Your Baking

Protect Your Kitchen From Stored Product Pests

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Now that Christmas has passed, and all of the holiday baking is done, many people have plenty of baking materials left over.  If you have too much left, it may take you quite some time to go through it.  Unfortunately, if not stored properly your baking supplies may attract pantry pests.

The most common stored product pests in Florida include the Cigarette Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Flour Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, and the Rice Weevil.  They love infesting sweets or grains, including flour, rice, and sugar as well as other common kitchen staples and pet food.  Follow these tips from the Jacksonville pest control experts to help prevent pantry pests from taking over your kitchen:

  • Proper storage – Store baking products in airtight containers.  Anything made of glass or plastic usually works very well, as long as it has a tightly fitting lid.

  • Clean up messes – Do not let messes sit for very long at all; immediately stop what you are doing and clean any spills.  Regularly sweep and mop your kitchen floor.  You should also periodically empty your cupboards and vacuum them to remove any bugs or bug eggs that may be hiding in them.

  • Inspect groceries – Most stored product pest infestations come from items that are brought home from the grocery store that are already infested.  Carefully inspect your groceries before you put them away, and never purchase anything that has been opened, has a tear or is somehow damaged.

If you have noticed pantry pests in your kitchen, do not try to treat them yourself.  Many store-bought pest control products, if used or mixed improperly, are harmful to people and pets, and using them in the kitchen could contaminate your food and baking materials.  It is highly recommended that you call in professional exterminators.  McCall Service has been providing quality and effective pest control and lawn care services for Jacksonville, Tampa, Ocala, and throughout Northern Florida since 1928.  Find out if we offer pest control service in your area and request service online or simply give us a call. 

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