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Prepping For A Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Okay. You've scheduled a heat treatment. Now what? For optimal results there are a few things you can do before our team arrives to make sure those bed bugs are gone for good.

Preparing your home requires understanding a little about how we apply treatment. The entire process is done on the same day. It begins with a treatment of insecticide dust to carpet edges, closets, and any sockets in your walls. Next we use industrial heaters to raise the temperature of your house to a very uncomfortable 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and circulate the heat throughout your home with strategically placed fans. Once we are confident the heat has done its work, we finish by applying a liquid insecticide to cracks and crevices. In the majority of cases, this regimen eliminates all bed bugs within 7-10 days.

To make sure the heat treatment does its job, and all those bugs are eradicated, there are a few things you can do to help. First, we're going to need you to move all your furniture three feet from every wall, including closets, so we can get at your carpet edges. While you're at it, stand large furniture vertically, to maximize work space for our team. We need to fit large treatment equipment into your home. If you have a waterbed drain it, and if you have a bed with air in it, like a sleep number bed, deflate the air bladders. Roll your area rugs up so we can get at the floor for treatment, and unplug all your electronics. Your electronics will be safe in the house, unless it's a plasma television. All plasma television must be removed from the house before treatment.

Make sure the clothing in your drawers is packed loosely. The heat needs to get in there and kill those bugs. Check your closets and make sure hanging clothes have spaces between them. All clothing, linen, towels, and blankets must be loosely packed, and don't pack any of these items into plastic bags. Plastic bags will prevent the heating process from working effectively. Drag your suitcases out and make sure they are empty. Suitcases are a beg bugs dream house.

There are some items that should not be heated. Put these items in a box labeled, "DO NOT HEAT". These items include: All aerosol and pressurized cans, meltable foods, medication, beverages, anything made of wax or oil, musical instruments, flammable or explosive items, and items that contain a laminant. Refrigerated items will be safe. We're only concerned about items that will be exposed to the 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There will also be a large amount of wind circulating that heat through your home, so makes sure all loose papers, books, and magazines are stored in boxes, or under a paper weight. And take everything off your walls. The fans our technicians use are quite powerful.

With a little prep work, you'll have the best chance of success. Let's kill those bugs, together, once and for all.


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