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Pest Proofing Tips For Florida Homeowners

Pest Proofing Tips For The Departing Snowbirds

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With one final dip in the warm ocean and a last minute golf game, it is time for the snowbirds of Florida to head north again. With all of the preparations to shut down one home and open up another, things can be easily forgotten such as pest proofing. In order to help simplify the process and stay pest free whether you are here or there, here are a few helpful tips from the experts in pest control at McCall Service for closing up your warm winter home.

Deep clean the kitchen - You want to remove any traces of food debris including built up grease or left over crumbs. Pests are most attracted to food and if they happen to sneak in while you're gone, it could mean a huge infestation by the time you arrive back to Florida next fall.

Seal off any cracks and holes - An inspection on the outside of your home will be good to check for any small cracks or holes. It only takes a hole about the size of a dime for some rodents to crawl through so you can imagine that even smaller pests will have no worries getting in through even a tiny crack on the exterior.

Declutter - Not only will you appreciate arriving back to a home that is clean and clear in the fall, but you will also be deterring pests from making homes in your home while you are away. Keep items organized and stored in rubber bins with tight fitting lids so that even if a few critters find their way inside they will not be able to damage your belongings.

Continue Pest Control Service - Although you are heading out, it is important to remember that pests will continue to stick around.  Maintaining your pest control services while you’re gone will ensure that no harm comes to your dwelling while you are not in town.  

In addition to pest control tips, here are a few other tips that many snowbirds find helpful when closing their winter home:

    • vacuum furniture and mattresses

    • wash all linens and pack in mold resistant bins

    • keep drawers open with dryer sheets for freshness

    • pour a small amount of bleach in toilets and cover with plastic wrap

    • unplug appliances

    • turn off water

    • notify local law enforcement and neighbors of your leaving and provide them with necessary contact information

By following these tips to prevent pests, mold, and other unnecessary incidents from occurring, you will surely have a smooth transition to and from your home. There’s no need to worry about your home and your valuable belongings while you are enjoying your summer elsewhere.

For those who would like to learn more about our Northern Florida pest control services that will keep your home protected year round whether you are there or not, contact McCall Service today. Wishing all of our snowbirds in Jacksonville, Ocala and throughout McCall’s service area a safe journey back north for the summer!

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