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Pest Proofing Made Easy

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With so many pests it is hard to know what to do to protect your home, isn't it? I know how you feel. Fortunately, with this easy guide, you can take the pain out of pest proofing. Here are the zones you should worry about, and some tips for protecting those areas.

The Yard

Pests travel through your yard all the time. Your goal should always be to not give them a reason to stay. Don't give them clutter to hide or nest in. Put trash bags in sealed cans. Keep your lawn free of organic material. Fill in areas that collect water after it rains.

The Garage

Keep your garage door closed. Repair or cover any holes that will give bugs and rodents entry. Don't leave open trash in the garage.

The Doors And Windows

Inspect and repair door and window screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps. Use a caulking gun to seal around your window frames. And, look closely for gaps that insects can get through.

The Exterior Walls

Cut tree branches back from your roofline. Fill downspouts with wire mesh. Seal any rotted holes or cracks in your foundation. Install deterrents that exclude pests, like spikes on lattice and ledges. Always look at your walls and ask yourself how bugs and wildlife can climb up and access your vulnerable eaves, roofline, and attic windows. It is also necessary to get a professional to apply a treatment to your exterior walls. This will keep bugs from crawling on them.

The Kitchen

If pests get inside, the last thing you want to do is feed them. Keep your trash sealed. Keep counters, floors, and rugs clean. Deep clean the sides of your stove and under the fridge. Put pet food down only during mealtime. Leave fruit in the fridge till you're ready to eat it. And, don't leave dirty dishes in a dry stack. Soak them in water, instead.

The Pantry

If you're able, put your pantry food in sealed, hard plastic containers. This will keep smells in and pests out. Keep your pantry dry and well ventilated. And, replace wood shelves with wired shelves to make pests feel unwelcome.

The Attic

Do regular checks of your attic to be sure that pests aren't making nests up there. Keep this orderly. And, store things in sealed plastic totes, instead of boxes.

Get Assistance

If you have an infestation, get a professional to safely remove it. There are many dangers involved in removing pests yourself. And, remember, when you have a pest management company helping you, you can let your guard down a little. They will show you where your home is vulnerable and help you seal your walls from invasive pests. When your walls are sealed by a professional, those pests are going to have a much harder time getting in. That is good news for your family.

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