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Pest Control When Buying A Home

In: Home Pest Control  |  Savannah GA

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Here in Savannah, pests are just a part of life. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they pose different problems for homeowners. Some are harmless in every way, besides the fact that they're disgusting, and you would probably rather not have them climbing your walls or invading your home by the hundreds. Some bring diseases into a home or spread harmful bacteria from dirty trash heaps to kitchen counters. Some damage belongings. Some damage the entire house.

If you're planning to buy a new home, it is certainly a good idea to have a pest control company do a detailed inspection, and treat for all of the disgusting bugs that can make moving into your new home a less-than-pleasant experience--that's right cockroaches; we're looking at you--But, as disgusting as those cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, and other creepy crawlies are, the real pests you need to have addressed before you move in, are wood-destroying organisms.

What is a wood-destroying organism? It is any creature that breaks down wood. They go by names like carpenter ant, carpenter bee, wood borer, powderpost beetle, and termite. There are many creatures that don't know the difference between your home and a tree in the forest. And, if you don't have your new home checked out, you could inherit the damage these pests can do.

Many wood-destroying organisms are hard to detect. A lot of times, homeowners don't even realize they have them. You could be buying your new home from a sibling, or a friend from work, and find out your new home is filled with termites. It happens. And, as you can imagine, it is not pretty. That is the kind of stuff that can ruin a friendship. But, when you take preemptive measures to check for these pests, these organisms can be dealt with before the sale is final.

At McCall Service, we offer the most comprehensive and industry-leading pest control services available. Our team of educated professionals knows how to detect all wood-destroying organisms, and has the tools to offer effective treatment options. They will let you know how extensive the damage is, and what things you should address to ensure your purchase is a sound one. And, once you've moved in, we can continue to offer you 100% protection from termites for as long as you own your home, and beyond.

Wood destroying organisms are a serious problem in Savannah. Don't take a chance with your new purchase. Get trusted assistance from McCall Service. We'll keep your equity safe from these, and other, destructive pests.

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