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Florida Pests

Pest Control In Florida: What's Bugging You?

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Northern Florida is a wonderful place to live and do business, but the warm moist climate also makes it ideal for a large number of pests. These pests can cause illness, property damage, and mental trauma--that's right bed bugs, I'm looking at you. So, it is important to partner with a pest management company with a track record of sealing these bugs out. Here are some of the pests you'll be protected from when you get year round service from McCall Service.

Termites. When it comes to property damage, there is no greater threat than subterranean termites. When these insects come in swarms, you need a company that can kill them "before" they infest your home or business. McCall Service uses an eco-friendly termite solution that baits and kill termites and termite colonies. There's no drilling in floors and foundations, no trenching, and no scheduling hassles.

Cockroaches. If you've lived in Florida for any length of time, you are all too familiar with cockroaches. They are disease and bacteria carriers, and their feces and shed skin can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. When you partner with McCall Service, you don't just get cockroach extermination, you get a company that seals and exclude these pests with modern Integrated Pest Management.

Food Pests. If you own a food plant, warehouse facility, farm, or just want to rid your house of unwanted pests, you need a company with a track record of safe, effective fumigation. McCall Service has been servicing Florida and Southern Georgia since 1928. In all that time they have learned a ton about pest control. Don't trust your home or business to a company with less experience, when it comes to fumigation.

Rodents. Mice and rats spread bacteria and disease, and their fur can contain parasites like lice, ticks, fleas, and mites. Inside your home or business they will chew on wood and wires, and leave excrement and urine as they travel. With rodents you need a company that not only seals and removes these pests, but cleans infected areas so that pathogens in ventilation systems and air ducts don't continue to be airborne.

Bed bugs. When you have bed bugs you want them gone immediately. McCall Service has the equipment and technical experience to thoroughly eradicate bed bug infestations. Never attempt to do a heat treatment on your own. Do-it-yourself heat treatments can cause fires, damage your keepsakes, and can ultimately fail to fully destroy these bugs.

Lawn bugs. There are many bugs that can ruin your lawn. When you have McCall Service year round, you'll not only get rid of those pests, you'll also have a lush beautiful lawn.

If you live in Southern Georgia, or Florida, McCall Service is the way to go. Protect your family, protect your home or business, and protect your lawn, with a company that has over 80 years of experience. Just ask all of the many satisfied customers who have taken the time to write a review. McCall Service is the right service.

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