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Pest Control For Ocala Residents

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There are many pests that can attack your Florida home, your pets, your children, and you. Carpenter ants chew tunnels and pockets inside your walls. Carpenter bees bore up into eaves, porches, decks and stairs. Fleas leave painful itchy bites on the skin of your pets. Wasps crawl in places where they come in contact with your back, your arms and your hands. Cockroaches spread disease. Spiders bite. Scorpions sting. Ticks and mosquitoes spread illness, and the list goes on and on and on. It is time to fight back! It is time to improve your quality of living and put a barrier between your home and these invasive pests.

Residential Pest Control

Bugs and wildlife never stop encroaching. That's why it is so important to get year round pest control. Managing pests isn't a silver bullet or a one-time fix. It requires regular visits from a professional who knows the habits and habitats of bugs and wildlife.

At McCall Service, we offer comprehensive pest control plans that start as low as $29.99, that include quarterly visits from a certified technician. With McCall, you'll have preemptive protection that stops pests "before" they do harm.

Inside a home, our team will lay down bait and dust applications under sensitive areas like your refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. Dust behind switch plates, outlet covers and cable plates. Plus, offer expert advice on natural pest management methods that resist pests.

On the outside of your home, our team will apply needed treatments to targeted areas, and sweep away spiders, knock down mud daubers nests, and treat paper wasp nests, up to 10 feet away.

Commercial Pest Control

The same care we use with homeowners is applied to even the largest of companies. Commercial contracts aren't just a job to our team, it’s a relationship. We are a family owned and operated pest control company, and we see our clients as family. But it isn't like having Uncle Joe come over to fix your radiator. Our team comes with these qualifications:

  • We've been protecting homes for 80 years with the most advanced treatment methods.
  • Our programs are developed and overseen by our on-staff entomologists.
  • We have staff management that has been trained by the American Institute of Baking.
  • We are trained and certified in modern Integrated Pest Management.
  • We are a Copesan affiliate.
  • And we guarantee our work.

Take the next step. Give us a call and start living without pests in your home or business today!

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