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Pest Control Advice From An American Idol

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Are you wondering how you can keep pests out of your Georgia home? American Idol runner up, Clark Beckham, who wowed audiences all last year with his soulful Southern style, may have the advice you need.

When the American Idol bus pulled up in Athens, Georgia recently, on what may be its last run across the U.S., Paul Milliken was there to check out the excitement. It is, after all, the beginning of what producers say will be the fifteenth and final season of the beloved television show that has launched dozens of high-profile careers over the last decade.

As Paul and his crew reported on all the hundreds and hundreds of fans hoping to become a superstar, Clark Beckham was on hand to share a few comments and give some advice to all the American Idol hopefuls. He pointed out that it doesn't matter if you can do as many runs as the person next to you, or if they can sing higher or lower. Each of us has something unique that we can do, that no one else can do. He pointed out that trusting in that uniqueness is only half the battle. You need to make sure you've put in the preparation so when it is time for you to do your audition you can, "just get in there and kill it."

An American Idol audition isn't the only place where good preparation can help you kill something. If you put in the right amount of preparation before pests try to get into your home, you can kill them.

When termites come to bore their way into the wood of your home, you want to have your protection up first. Proper preparation will kill those termites before they can damage your home. If your lawn has a treatment on it before ticks, fleas and mosquitoes come, you can kill them before they have a chance to torment you. And, if you seal your home up before pests try to work their way in, you'll be protected. Preparation is the key to pest control.

You may not have aspirations to be the next American pop star, but you can still learn something from Clark Beckham. An ounce of preparation can help you kill it. Not a music audition, but that bug that wants to hurt your house and make you sick. Get your home prepped today and be ready for when those pests come encroaching upon your Georgia home.

If you're already seeing pests or simply want some professional intervention to keep them out, McCall's home pest control in Savannah, Albany and West Georgia may be the perfect fit for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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