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earwig found in ocala florida

Ocala Pest Control Pros On Earwigs

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The name earwig conjures up thoughts of a foul creature that climbs into the ear of its host, burrows into the brain, and lays its eggs. Fortunately, this is only a myth. A very creepy myth. Earwigs don't have any interest in your ear canal at all.

Earwigs aren't harmful--unless you're a plant, fruit, or insect. They rarely bite humans and don't transmit disease. For most homeowners this is a nuisance pest. They are nasty to look at and can freak you out when you pick up a piece of laundry to fold and have one crawl out at you.

How are earwigs getting inside my house?

If you're getting earwigs inside, there a few possible reasons.

  • They don't need much of a crack to squeeze through a foundation wall. To keep earwigs out, do an inspection and get your foundation sealed.

  • Earwigs get in through rotted wood. If termites, mice, carpenter ants, or some other wood-chewing creature has started a hole, earwigs are happy to use it. Use a caulking gun to fill these holes until you can get them properly fixed.

  • If you have water or moist soil next to your foundation walls, you will invite earwigs to come near your exterior walls. Make sure your gutters are properly channeling water away from your foundation, and build up areas where rainwater collects.

How do I keep earwigs from coming inside?

  • Use the points mentioned above, and also look for areas inside your home that are moist or damp. If you have a wet cellar, consider purchasing a dehumidifier and some fans. All areas of your house should be well ventilated and kept dry.

  • Contact a pest control company and have them do an inspection. Every home is different. They can help you isolate what is creating your earwig problem and advise you on how to arrest the situation.

Protecting your home from earwigs and a whole host of other pests is as easy as sealing entry points, using pest prevention methods, and getting limited and focused pest treatments to your foundation perimeter and/or exterior walls. You don't have to live with these ugly brown, slimy bugs with their creepy tail pinchers scurrying around your home. Get your home sealed today. It is easy and cheaper than you think.

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