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Ocala Lawn Care Pros Offer Spring Tips

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Even though winter weather is not near as severe for the residents of Florida as it is for people living in Northern states, the winter weather can still negatively affect the health of your Ocala, FL lawn. So, since spring is officially here, it is time to start thinking about lawn care. Now is the perfect time to repair any damages to your lawn that may have occurred over the winter and to improve its overall health for the upcoming spring and summer months.

At McCall Service we want to offer your some spring lawn care tips as well as share with you some information about aeration and fertilization and why they are so important for the well-being of your lawn. Did you know that Aeration is the process by which you or an Ocala lawn care professional breaks up or loosens the soil in your lawn? The most effective way to do this is by using cylinders that go about 3-4 inches into the soil to remove plugs of soil. This process will help with soil expansion and weed control. Once your lawn is aerated it allows for water, fertilizer, and oxygen to easily get to the roots of your grass helping it to grow and remain strong.

Fertilization, on the other hand, is a way to help “feed” your lawn. Like any other living thing, grass needs proper nutrients to grow. A properly fertilized lawn is able to defend itself from disease and distress caused by weather and other environmental conditions much easier than a non-fertilized lawn. It also gives your lawn the capability to compete with and stand up against weeds.Other things that you can do to help your lawn to become its best during the spring include:

  • Raking- Rake up dead grass, sticks, leaves and any other debris that has collected on your lawn over the winter months.

  • Mowing- it is important to not cut your grass too short, leaving it at about 2 inches will ensure that the roots remain healthy. Too much sun and heat for your grass will cause it to die and turn brown.

  • Planting grass seed- Take the time this spring to plant new grass in the areas of your lawn where the grass has died. Planting new grass will not only improve the overall look of your lawn but will also help to stop weeds from taking over those areas.

Now that you have been introduced into the exciting world of aeration and fertilization and general spring lawn maintenance, what do you do if you don’t have the time or energy to complete these lawn care tasks on your own? The answer is easy! Call the lawn care experts at McCall Service. We offer a variety of lawn care services including aeration services and fertilization services for the residents of Ocala. Our services are completed only by our trained technicians that have both the knowledge and passion to properly care for a lawn’s individual needs.

Other services that McCall provides in addition to aeration and fertilization include: the control of brown patch fungus and other common turf grass pests, the control of pests on ornamental plants and shrubbery, Hydretain®, sod and irrigation services, and weed control. Don’t delay your spring lawn care for another day. If lawn care is not your cup of tea don’t distress. Call the experts at McCall Service to get your new lawn care services implemented as soon as possible!

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