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Ocala Exterminators On Termite Awareness Week

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The thought of some tiny creature eating its way through the wood in your home is enough to make you want to scream! It should be enough to make you call a professional and have your home inspected for these destructive, homewreckers!

Termites are a real concern to Ocala. We have exposure to some of the most intimidating termites there are. Termites can enter your home through the smallest of access points and before you know it, you have a termite infestation. Every year, termites cause approximately five billion dollars in property damage in the United States. That’s fourteen million dollars per day, and almost six hundred thousand dollars per hour! Just one day in your house can be costly.

March 15-21 is Termite Awareness Week. This week has been designated by the National Pest Management Association as the perfect time to inform home and business owners why and how their structures may be vulnerable to termites and how to protect these investments. Ocala exterminators also recommend that all homeowners and business owners be educated on the possibility of termites causing destruction to their structures. Termites aren’t picky. They don’t care whether it’s a residence, apartment building or commercial building. They will come on in and eat away.

Swarmers, winged termites, often show up in the spring looking for the perfect place to start a new colony. Keeping swarmers out of your structure is key. Here are a few tips to help make your structure less attractive to them:

  • Avoid any water accumulation near the foundation.

  • Check all plumbing for water leakage or pooling inside and outside.

  • Repair any leaky water facets or HVAC units.

  • Store firewood at least 20’ away from the building.

  • Repair all cracks and crevices in the basement walls.

  • Check all ventilation for proper air flow in your attic, soffits, basement and crawl space. Proper ventilation makes the inside of your home less moist.

  • Trim trees and plants away from the home to allow easy air flow.

Termite control in Ocala doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. Contact us here at McCall Service and we will show you the proven way on how to prevent, monitor and effectively treat termites. The time to talk to a pest professional about termites is now!

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