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carpenter ant found on a piece of wood

Never Ending Pest Season

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Living in Florida will mean coming into contact with a lot of pests all year long. Some are cute, some are a nuisance, and some are just downright dangerous. Pests are considered dangerous if they bite, sting, are aggressive, transmit diseases, or cause damage to structures. One pest that is dangerous to homeowners in Florida is the carpenter ant. Not because they bite or sting but because they can cause severe costly damages to the structure of homes.

If left untreated, overtime, carpenter ants can make a huge (negative) impact to the structural integrity of a home. Carpenter ants are a pest that should be controlled and prevented from invading Florida homes and buildings at all cost.

First, what does a carpenter ant look like? They are a large black or black and red ant that can grow to be about 5/8th of an inch in length. Carpenter ants often enter homes through cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls, or through vents and underneath doors while foraging for food. Once inside, they will start creating tunnels and nesting areas inside the structural wood of the building, preferring wood that has been previously damaged by water.

Next, what are the signs of a carpenter ant infestation? Knowing these signs will ensure that you can quickly and easily identify and address an infestation, and the sooner you get help the better. Quick identification will minimize the damage to your Florida home that carpenter ants can cause.

  • Look for the workers as they travel through your home foraging for food.

  • Listen to your walls to see if you hear a faint rustling sound as the ants move and tunnel behind the walls.

  • Look for piles of sawdust underneath very small holes in the exterior of wood.

  • Be on the lookout for an ant swarm. An ant swarm is when winged reproductives swarm from the colony to mate and create a new colony.

  • Inspect the wood inside of your home for signs of sagging or bowing, especially if it has been damaged by water.

If carpenter ants have decided to try and make your home their new nesting site and/or source for food, the best way to quickly and effectively get rid of them is with professional help. Professionals have the training and experience needed to find and locate all of the ants and all of their nesting sites, along with having the products that are necessary to safely eliminate the ants from your home and property.

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