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dog scratching at fleas

My Dog Came Home With Fleas - Now What?

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If you own a dog, you probably deal with lots of interesting problems, especially when they are puppies. Chewed up shoes, garbage cans upturned and little puddles of pee through the house are just the beginning! Unfortunately, having pets means taking care of unpleasant messes sometimes but something people don’t often think about when choosing whether or not to get a pet is the possibility of that pet getting fleas. Once your pet gets a case of fleas, it can be difficult to get rid of. Fleas don’t always stay on the pet either- sometimes they get transferred to your carpet, blankets, bedding and furniture. What can you do to get rid of a flea infestation that has been introduced into your home? Here are some helpful tips from the pros at McCall Service.


  • If you’ve got fleas on your bedding, time to get cleaning! Wash bedding, blankets and all pet items to kill fleas and their eggs.

  • Vacuum your home thoroughly, paying attention to cracks and crevices where the fleas like to lay their eggs. Remove the vacuum bag (or empty the canister of the vacuum) outdoors so as to not reintroduce the fleas into the home.

  • Have your pet treated for flea problems with a preventative solution you can purchase from your veterinarian.

  • Have your home treated for fleas; they can thrive both inside and outside your home, so a pest control professional should be enlisted to provide the appropriate pet and family safe treatment.


Along with quickly infesting your home, these fast breeders can make life miserable for your pets. The flea bites cause severe itching, which can lead to hair-loss, inflammation and secondary skin infections, especially for pets that are allergic to these bites. If only one of your pets has fleas, it is only a matter of time before they spread to your other pets and then eventually to you. Fleas have very strong back legs, which allow them to jump from place to place and they will easily jump to other pets, onto you and throughout your home.


If you’ve got a flea problem, it can be easy to overlook it… especially if they have not made their way to you yet! Just like having to deal with unpleasant problems when your dogs are puppies, fleas are another concern that pet owners need to deal with. First call your veterinarian for recommendations on flea treatments and then call the pros at McCall Service to eliminate the fleas inside and around your home. No one wants to be scratching all the time and fleas have no place in your home! Contact McCall Service today!

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