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mouse in a florida kitchen

Most Florida Pests Don't Take A Break For The Holidays

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Pests in Florida are a problem all year long. They never stop making babies and they never stop encroaching. In fact, you would be startled to know how quickly some pests can breed. A subterranean termite queen can produce 2,000 eggs a day. Fortunately, there is only one queen in a colony. Your typical cockroach female can birth as many as 400 offspring in a year and every female cockroach she gives birth to can do the same. Bed bugs spread in the same way. One single pregnant bed bug can become as many as 5,000 bed bugs in six months! And it isn't only bugs that can breed at a disturbing rate. When it comes to breeding, rabbits have nothing on mice. Rabbits take about thirty days to gestate, while mice only need twenty. While both of these creatures can pump out fourteen young in a single litter, those mice are doing it a ⅓ faster. What does this mean for you and your Florida home? They're singing a song that sort of sounds like this, "There is no place like YOUR home for the holidays!" That is why you need year-round pest control. Here are some ways McCall Service can help you this holiday season.

Wasps and Yellow Jackets

These insects are cold-blooded. That isn't to say that they like the cold. It is to say that their blood is whatever temperature the air is around them. Warm-blooded creatures have ways of keeping their blood warm, but those cold blooded creatures do not. That means their blood can crystallize if temperatures drop to freezing. This has two effects. The first is that it will cause large numbers of wasps and yellow jackets to die each year if we are "fortunate" enough to have some freezing cold days. But it also means you could have overwintering females squeezing into your eaves. At McCall Service, we do exterior treatments that keep overwintering pests, and other creepy crawlies, out.


These fast-breeding pests don't hibernate. What does this mean for you and your Florida home? It means that rodents will be actively looking for food and harborage all year long. And, when it gets chilly out, they will have even more incentive to try and get into your home. McCall Service monitors for rodents all year long and takes appropriate action based on pest pressures measured.

Termites, carpenter ants and other encroaching pest

If pests get into your home or under it, they can remain active all winter long. Pests like the termite and carpenter ant are wood-destroying organisms that are capable of surviving in northern states like Massachusetts and Michigan. The mild winters in Florida won't deter these pests too much. If you have year-round service from McCall Service, you can know for sure that your home is free of wood-destroying pests.

This holiday season, give yourself a gift: year-round pest protection from McCall Service. It is the gift that keeps on giving through all the seasons of the year.

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