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Mosquitoes In Northern Florida

Mosquitoes Coming Soon To A Property Near You

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In the OFF® Buggiest Cities Survey released last May, Jacksonville, FL was cited as the number one city affected by mosquitoes and other biting insects. Alas, Jacksonville also made it onto the report. And while this year’s report has not been published yet, it’s really time for residents of those areas and other Florida cities including Tallahassee, Ocala and Gainesville to prepare for the onslaught of these buzzing, biting bugs especially since the Florida Division of Agricultural Environmental Services says that Northern Florida could be in for a very aggressive mosquito season.


Aside from the annoying buzzing around your head, female mosquitoes also bite. And not only are mosquito bites itchy but they can also lead to serious health issues including the spread of the West Nile Virus. Which is why it becomes important to try to control mosquitoes on your property.


The key to preventing mosquitoes in FL is to eliminate their breeding grounds. This means removing all sources of standing water from the property to help eliminate the masses of mosquitoes laying eggs. Of course, since mosquitoes fly, it is nearly impossible to eliminate every mosquito on your property, but our FL pest control pros would like to share a few tips to help control them.


  • Clear out the gutters on your home so that leaves and other debris don’t stop water from flowing.

  • If there are drainage ditches around your property, make sure that they are not collecting stagnant water.

  • Redirect water on your property to flow away from the home and areas where you will be spending time outside.

  • If there are toys, buckets, plant pots, or any other objects filling with water on your property, make sure to move them into a dry area such as the basement, garage or shed or at least turn them over so that water cannot collect.

  • Change out the water in birdbaths every day, or eliminate them altogether.

  • If you have a pool or hot tub, keep it covered unless in use and kiddy pools should be emptied when not in use.


As you can see, most of these tips deal with eliminating standing water from the property. Why? This is how mosquitoes breed and multiply and in fact they only require a very small amount of water to do so. They may only live a few weeks but with thousands and thousands of mosquitoes being born each day, it is essential (in order to avoid their bites and the potential spread of disease) to eliminate their breeding grounds as much as possible.


If you are experiencing a mosquito problem on your Northern Florida property including Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Tallahassee and Tampa, please contact McCall Service. Our mosquito control services are designed to help further eliminate mosquito-breeding sites so we can stop mosquitoes before they even hatch! To learn more, give our FL exterminators a call today.





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