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Mosquito And Pest Control: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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This holiday season consider a gift that keeps on giving and helps ensure your family’s health and safety. Consider year-round mosquito and pest control. Here in the sunshine state and in Georgia, we enjoy a pleasant climate and temperature all year. Even in the cooler months of winter, the average day is relatively mild, considering what our friends from the north have to deal with each winter. This is a blessing in so many ways, but, unfortunately, it also makes our homes the perfect environment for many pesky pests. One of the most common, most dangerous, and irritating pests is the mosquito.

Mosquito transmitted diseases cause more deaths per year than any other cause. Yes, that mosquito that is buzzing around you and your loved ones can be a lethal weapon. Scary, huh? Well, the good news is that with the proper precautions you can significantly reduce the risk that you and your loved ones face regarding mosquito transmitted diseases.

Utilizing a mosquito abatement and control program from a pest control professional, like the experts here at McCall Service, is not only the best and safest route to fewer mosquitoes on your property, it also has the quickest results and is the most thorough. Within our mosquito remediation service, we visit you monthly May through October, and we also will address issues of concern on your property that may be attracting mosquitoes. We have found that a full spectrum approach to mosquito remediation is the most successful. Keeping these blood suckers from being attracted to your property is as important as utilizing chemical measures to repel and kill them.

Keeping your yard unattractive to mosquitoes and other pests is a constant task. If pests aren’t drawn to your property in the first place, then there certainly will be fewer of them to eradicate, trap, or control. Here are some general pest and mosquito control prevention tips that can be helpful in this task:

  • Allow no standing water of any type, ever, because stagnant water is a perfect breeding area for many insects, including mosquitoes.

  • Keep lawn debris like leaves, grass, and sticks cleaned up because these can attract pests for nesting sites, food, and shelter.

  • Treat your pets with tick and flea repellents not only for their health, but for yours.

  • Keep trash in locked trash cans and remove from property on a regular basis, as this also can be a breeding ground for flies and insects and can attract rodents and other wildlife.

  • Keep construction piles, debris, and materials to a minimum and store up off the ground away from your home.

  • Regularly inspect and repair your eaves, fascia boards, and exterior walls for holes, voids, or damage done by rodents and insects.

  • Keep gutters and other water control systems clean and running properly. All these systems should shed water quickly and efficiently away from your home and yard. Not only is water a breeding ground for insects, but it also attracts other animals that use it as a source of drinking water.

Pest and mosquito control is on-going. Get the best in complete and constant control with the pest control experts here at McCall Service. Give us a call today and start the New Year with fewer pests and a lot less stress.


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