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McCall Donates Services To Eliminate Termites In Jacksonville

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Transitioning from one stage of your life to another can be a difficult, stressful and lonely process for anyone, but it can be especially trying for those that are just coming out of prison. A culture shock to say the least when trying to acclimate back into society after being incarcerated for a period of time. This is why Prisoners of Christ was created-to help released prisoners in Jacksonville re-enter into civilian life as easily and smoothly as possible!

Prisoners of Christ manage five transition homes in Jacksonville, where they offer counseling services, teach life skills, provide meals, utilities, and job placement services to released prisoners. Prisoners of Christ not only benefits the men it helps, but the whole Jacksonville community as well. They help to make sure the released prisoners are confident and have all the skills needed to give back and become productive members of their community.

Recently though, the ministry has been challenged in a way that you may not have guessed-with termite infestations. That’s right. Drywood termites have infested two out of the five homes that Prisoners of Christ run. This has unfortunately impacted the ministry in a not so positive way. Termites not only damage the structure of homes and buildings that they invade by feeding on structural wood, but they also cause a lot of stress and worry for the people who are trying to eliminate them and repair their damages.

Drywood termites are not as common and widespread through Florida as the subterranean termite but can be just as damaging as they feed on structural wood and destroy personal belongings. Since you are most likely not a drywood termite expert (no worries, that’s why we are here) we want to provide you with some basic information on these pests so you can hopefully understand a bit more about them.

  • Drywood termites do not need contact with soil to obtain moisture.

  • They can survive in a building without water.

  • Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites invade dry wood, not wood that has been damaged by water.

  • They can be found living behind walls and ceilings, in attics, crawl spaces, door and window frames, wood siding, and in wooden furniture.

  • They are a year-round pest, surviving the cooler months using heat that is created within the buildings they are infesting.

  • Fumigation services are necessary to eliminate them from all of their hiding spots inside of buildings.

McCall Service, along with Rivers Pest Control heard about the difficulties that the Prisoners of Christ were having with these damaging and pesky pests and we immediately knew that we wanted to help. We understand just how worrying, expensive and time consuming a termite infestation can be, and we wanted to do what we could to eliminate those stresses for the people at Prisoners of Christ. We wanted to do everything we could to get the ministry back to doing what they do best.

“Investing in those who are willing to make positive changes in their lives and giving back to the community is what McCall Service is about,” President and CEO of McCall Service states. This statement is very true and one that our whole company believes in and practices. Because of our strong beliefs about helping our community, McCall Service is donating services to fumigate the two affected homes.

McCall is going to do what we do best- get rid of termites, and in turn will allow Prisoners of Christ to continue doing what they do best, helping release prisoners and strengthening the community all without the worry of having to use any of their resources to eliminate termites!

For more information about Prisoners of Christ and the good work that they do, termite control services, fumigation services provided by McCall Service, or just to find out more about how you can help our communities, contact us today!

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