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Let McCall's Help You Keep Mosquitoes Away

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As a longtime pest control company serving Gainesville, Jacksonville and Tampa as well as all of Northern Florida, McCall Service understands that mosquitoes are not only annoying they are also carriers of a variety of diseases including Encephalitis and West Nile virus.  While there is no sure way to completely rid your property of mosquitoes, there are a few things that home and business owners can do to discourage their presence.

Tips For Mosquito Prevention

  • Eliminate Standing Water -Mosquitoes must have standing water in order to breed so eliminating any areas in your backyard will reduce their breeding grounds.  Areas of concern include buckets, tires and clogged gutters.  Even the smallest amount of water can promote mosquito breeding, so don’t leave any areas to chance.  

  • Repair any leaky outdoor faucets

  • Change Water in childrens’ wading pools and bird baths

  • Inspect screening on doors and windows and replace/repair broken or torn screens

Thousands of mosquitoes are born every day making it nearly impossible to completely eliminate this intrusive insect.  At McCall Service we understand that simple pleasures like gardening or a backyard BBQ can be spoiled by mosquitoes.  We also realize these pesky insects can also deter customers from dining outside or disrupt other outdoor events.  That is why we offer both residential mosquito remediation and commercial mosquito remediation. Whether for home or business, our mosquito remediation services will help reduce mosquito activity on your property and begins with a thorough inspection of your property to identify potential breeding areas.  After identifying those areas that attract mosquitoes, we will apply treatment to those sites and apply preventative treatments for larvae and a residual insecticide to prevent future mosquito problems.  This process is repeated monthly May through October.  For more information on our mosquito remediation services, please contact us today!

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