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Chinch Bugs Are A Common Pest Of Florida Lawns

Lawn Pests: Are They Damaging Your Lawn?

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Let’s be honest.  Most homeowners take pride in a healthy, lush looking lawn.  Not only does it enhance your curb’s appeal, a green lawn can make you the envy of your neighborhood.  Unfortunately for property owners in Jacksonville, Gainesville and throughout Florida lawn pests are often keeping them from achieving that ideal lawn.  

So what pest is the culprit you ask?  Well in Florida there could be several to blame for the damaged lawns, unhealthy gardens and unattractive landscapes.  To learn more about the types of insects that may be contributing your lawn’s damaged look, please keep reading.

Chinch Bugs

Considered to be the most important pest of St. Augustine grass in Florida, Chinch bugs usually first show up in sunny areas that contain heat or drought stressed grass and are capable of causing significant, noticeable damage to grass and are difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional.  Signs of chinch bug activity include irregular yellow patches of turf and the appearance of a yellow halo around the damaged area.  

Mole Crickets

Generally classified as turfgrass pests, mole crickets live in and feed on the roots, stems and blades of turfgrasses including Bermuda grass, Bahia grass and St. Augustine grass.  In addition to inhabiting Florida lawns, some species of mole crickets may also prey on crops and plants including tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuce and chrysanthemums.  

Sod Web Worms

With a preference towards sunny areas where it is hot and dry, sod web worms attack all grasses (they especially love Bermuda grass), have a tendency to chew on foliage and may be responsible for severe damage to plants and shrubs.  

At McCall Service we understand how annoying and frustrating these nuisance insects can be.  We also realize that other elements such as over-watering, lawn disease and weather can negatively impact Florida lawns.  That is why we offer customized lawn care services for both homes and business in Northern Florida.    To find out how McCall Service can help your lawn, please give us a call or simply fill out our contact form by clicking here.  

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