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Keep Your Lawn Watered For Less With Hydretain®

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Having a well-watered lawn is a key component to ensuring that it is green, healthy, and lush, but watering your lawn can utilize a lot of resources and cost homeowners a lot of money in utility costs. That is why at McCall Service we utilize Hydretain® to keep your Jacksonville lawn looking its best for less.

Making sure that your lawn is being properly watered is important for several different reasons. An under-watered lawn will mean that your lawn will have a brown, dull appearance, be “crunchy” in texture, and have large patches of dead grass. But on the other side of the coin, too much water can be just as damaging, leading to problems with lawn diseases, fungus, and leaving the lawn with a spongy, soggy feel to it.

Hydretain® can help, it helps to ensure that your lawn is absorbing the correct amount of moisture and that it will be healthy and vigorous all year long. The molecules in Hydretain® have been created to adhere to and form a thin film on the root surface of grass. This Hydretain® film will draw water towards the roots of the grass instead of it being channeled away, allowing the grass to absorb and utilize the water faster and easier. This means that the overall internal health of your lawn will increase, while the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy lawn decreases up to 50%. Along with reducing your watering requirements and costs, Hydretain® can reduce drought-related stress to Jacksonville lawns, and control or eradicate dry spots on lawns.

The many benefits of maintaining a well-watered Jacksonville lawn include:

  • Increased rainwater absorption.

  • Assists in purifying the rainwater that is entering into the ground.

  • Dense lawns help to stabilize the soil, prevents erosion and reduces dust.

  • Lawns work as a natural air cleaner by taking in Carbon Dioxide and breaking it down into Oxygen and Carbon.

  • A great comfortable space for your family, friends, and pets to play and spend time together on.

Along with Hydretain®, McCall Service offers many other Jacksonville lawn care services to ensure that your lawn is one of the healthiest in your neighborhood. Services that we provide include: brown patch fungus and turf grass pest control, ornamental plant and shrubbery pest control, lawn and ornamental fertilization, weed control, and sod and irrigation services.

For more information about how Hydretain® can help increase the overall health of your Jacksonville lawn, or about any of our other lawn care services, contact us today!

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