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Keep Those Pests Out Of Your Decorations

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Is it time to put the decorations away already? Doesn't it feel like you just put them up? Where does the time go? If you hate to let go of that special holiday feeling, you should do what my wife does, leave some lights strung up around the walls until well after the new year. It allows that magical feeling to linger, and we don't have to take everything down all at once. For me, that is a sweet deal.

As you pack up those decorations and store them in quiet secluded places in your home, there are a few things you might want to know.

Don't feed the pests.

If you are one of those homes where holiday decorations can sometimes be food items, like popcorn, cranberries, or marshmallows, you might want to consider throwing those items away. But, if those foody ornaments were crafted by precious little fingers, I can understand why you would want to keep them.

Hard plastic totes are always the best way to store anything. They keep rodents, cockroaches, termites, silverfish, and other invasive pests from getting into your belongings. I realize that not everyone can afford to purchase a tote for all the many things that need to be stored. If all you have are cardboard boxes, then take the extra precaution of putting food items into plastic Ziploc bags before stowing them away. This won't keep rodents or roaches from chewing their way in, but it keeps the smell from getting out. If pests don't smell the food, they may not bother with the hassle of getting into the box. This won't stop termites or silverfish because they're more interested in the box, but for rodents, roaches, and ants, this is a good deterrent.

Don't make the pests feel at home.

Spiders, roaches, silverfish, and a host of other insects, love humidity. If your attic or basement space is warm and humid, you will invite pests to come in and explore. If they are crawling around in your storage spaces, they will begin to burrow into boxes. Keep those areas clean, dry, and well ventilated.

Keep things clean inside your boxes as well. When you store ornaments, clean them and wipe them off with an alcohol wipe. Clean, antiseptic ornaments are unwelcoming to spiders and other insects that nest in boxes.

Kick the pests out.

Since you're already up in those attic spaces, take the opportunity to look for rodent nests, wasps hives, and ant or termite colonies. Finding those now, and getting a pest control company to remove them, is a great way to start the new year.


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