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up close image of a mosquito biting skin

Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Backyard

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Residents of Ocala run the risk of encountering pesky mosquitoes when they spend time in their backyard and especially after rain. They seem to come in endless swarms, buzzing in your ear and attacking your exposed skin.

Unfortunately mosquito bites are more than itching red bumps, they could transmit serious disease like the West Nile virus. It’s important to note that not every mosquito carries illness so there’s no need to shut yourself in your home while mosquito activity is at its peak. If you’re venturing outside to enjoy some fresh air, here are a few tips to keep the mosquitoes from carrying you off:

  • Skip shorts and tees when spending time outside. Instead wear lightweight long sleeved shirts and pants to create a barrier between your skin and the mosquitoes.

  • Make friends with your bug spray. We recommend mosquito repellant that contains DEET. Of course, you should always talk to your family doctor before applying anything on your children.

  • Avoid mosquito-rich environments. This includes tall grasses, swampy areas and areas where there is standing water.

  • Schedule outdoor activities when mosquito activity will be less. Dawn and dusk are when these pests are at their worst.

If you’re trying to keep mosquitoes off your property, we can tell you right now that it’s virtually impossible. That’s because these pests will fly in looking for a meal and a place to breed. Areas with stagnant water such as clogged gutters, flower pots, wading pools and bird baths attract mosquitoes because they need water to breed. Ponds and swampy areas also look good to mosquitoes. In order to deter these pests, you must eliminate potential breeding sites.

If you feel like your backyard belongs to mosquitoes, contact McCall Service. We offer mosquito control services in Ocala and throughout our service area that are designed reduce their numbers so you can enjoy time outside.

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