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Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Pest Control Pros On FL Bed Bug Heat Treatments

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It is HOT. But maybe not hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. And definitely not quite hot enough to kill bed bugs. The pros at McCall Service know about heat; we have been performing bed bug heat treatments to kill bed bugs for years now and although Jacksonville’s hot summer days may feel toasty, they aren’t hot enough to kill bed bugs. Luckily, the Jacksonville pest control professionals at McCall know exactly what is required to kill bed bugs inside your home or in your business and we have several options of service to assist you in getting rid of bed bugs and bed bug eggs. 

At McCall, to get rid of bed bugs we offer bed bug heat treatments plans for our customers that include: 

Our Heat Plus plan. This is our premium service for getting rid of bed bugs! It includes a basic bed bug heat treatment, because it is a fact that all stages of bed bug life die at a temperature above 120°F. With our heat treatment, we will use portable heaters to warm your infested rooms up to a temperature of 120°F for several hours; this ensures that any bed bug life that is present will be exterminated.  Along with the heat treatment, we also use a chemical treatment to reach areas where the heat may not be able to effectively penetrate. This program includes a follow-up chemical treatment to ensure all bed bug life is extinguished as well as provides bed bug-proof mattress and box spring encasements. These encasements will protect your mattress from future bed bug infestations as well as keep any lingering alive bed bugs trapped inside the bed so they can no longer feed. 

Our Basic Heat plan. This service offers residual insecticides and depending on your specific needs, the use of steam along baseboards, inside wall voids and even under the carpet that is adjacent to walls. This is then followed up by a heat treatment to kill any bed bugs (and their eggs) that may still be alive. 

These treatments are both very effective and we will help you determine which plan is best for your specific needs and your budget restrictions.  Our bed bug heat treatments are 100% effective; we know they work and our happy customers who have received heat treatments from us know they work too! These treatments are eco-friendly because they rely on the use of non-chemical means to eliminate the majority of the infestation.  To learn more about our heat treatments, give us a call at 1-800-342-6948. We’ve created this bed bug preparation checklist to let our customers know exactly what happens during a heat treatment as well as to help you prepare your home or business before the service begins. This is important so that your belongings stay protected during the heat treatment service. 

If you have bed bugs in your home or business, don’t let the problem go. This is not a pest problem that will take care of itself and despite the high temperatures of Florida in the summer, these pests can thrive inside your Jacksonville home. Contact us today for pest control in Jacksonville and throughout our service area; we will schedule your first inspection so that we can get started on making your bed bug problem disappear!

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